About / Our Story

Hello, my name is Sarah Primrose. 

I am the creator of Primrose Bees Wrap. I am a qualified chef, food stylist, menu and recipe developer, nature explorer, avid gardener and keeper of chickens. 

I have worked in a variety of high end restaurants, hotels and cafes. I have also represented New Zealand as a chef in a number of culinary competitions around the world. My career has helped by exposing me to a wide range of hospitality and food sectors in the industry. Being able to travel overseas competing at an international level has opened my eyes to the way different cultures live and ways of life.

While these were exciting times in my life and I loved travelling for my career, I couldn’t help but feel saddened by the pollution and waste everywhere. Working in busy kitchens with the copious amounts of single use plastic and packaging was really making me think, where is this all going, and what's the bigger picture?

Our current culture of consumption is unsustainable, with waste, pollution and climate change as the most systemic threat to humankind and our planet, I decided it was time to act and be the change. Over the last few years my partner and I have consciously started to look at what we are consuming at home and changing our mindsets and actions about everyday living. The first port of call was the kitchen and tackling good old glad wrap. This is where Primrose Bees Wrap was born.

Primrose Bees Wrap is a natural, reusable, biodegradable & sustainable alternative for food storage. Made from natural ingredients, 100% cotton, pure bees wax, tree resin & coconut oil.

Bees wax is sourced from our bee keeping neighbours literally over the fence & hand crafted with an aim to eliminate plastic in our environment, our kitchens & keep food fresh for longer.

As well as bees wraps we believe in a holistic approach to living, so are making and stocking other zero waste products which are not only beneficial for the planet, but beneficial for your body with all natural and organic ingredients. 

We believe in living thoughtfully, knowing where things come from, where they end up & how we can live more sustainably with Mother Nature & Our Planet.